Stories hard to forget...

                        Stories hard to forget

, p.9 
        "I think it's the wind at first, like I always do, forcing its way through the walls.
 I pull the covers up to my ears. It's hard to sleep in winter when branches crash to the      ground and windows shiver.  After years in the country I know the sounds well. To-            night, wind's pounding the doors like a desperate man. I dig deeper into bed and close        my eyes to escape. I wish I were blind and deaf."                  
          "If the pretty woman hadn't sat next to him on the train, he wouldn't be
 stricken on the platform, his hand empty where the case should be. He composes
 himself surprisingly well as he pinpoints what led to this disaster: her voice mesmerized  him; she awakened his desire only to hurt him with a cordial good-bye when his stop
 came at Penn Station. It wasn't his fault; he's been lonely. And now the violin, once  destined for a Sotheby's auction, is up for grabs on the rack above a train seat whose  number he's forgotten." 

 Snatch of Sea, p.65  
          "At four a.m. he stands on the pier and tries not to think about what's to come.    In the stark moonlight he watches the ocean drawn to land and drawn away, watches 
 the ocean swallow cans and pebbles, broken sticks and shells. Hungry water, pulling          and pushing the pier's wood legs. The pier resists, calls out in the dark, old creaking            bones that won't give up."




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