Stories hard to forget...

                        Stories hard to forget



"Many of these stories are so compressed in language, drama and vision that they are   

   something else entirely. They might all be birds, wondrous in their particular plumage--
   unfurling their lyrical feathers, stretching their wings on the bough of a tree that seems  
   familiar but has no name. They are, just as Flannery O'Connor might have said, not  
   capable of paraphrase. What flight she gives our language and our lives."
                                                                                                              ~ Michael Madonick

                                                                                              Author, Waking the Deaf Dog

   "Gabler's short stories are both literary and powerfully heartfelt...She captures
   the yearnings that are locked away beneath the surface of everyday lives. Her award-  
   winning short stories are brief but searing snapshots of people who refuse to be less
   than fully human."

Diana Amsterdam
                                                                                         Playwright, Carnival Round the Central                                                               Figure, Iken's Perversion, 
Sex and Death; screenwriter

   "A Gothic sensibility pervades many of these 28 tales of lost innocence, guilt, and
   search for redemption. In these stories, Ina Claire Gabler opens a window into hearts    
   imprisoned as much by their own dark secrets as by anything else."

                                                                                                                       ~ Mary Hoffman
                                                                          Author, award-winning At Home Anywhere

    "I'm always fascinated by the stories of Ina Claire Gabler. These stories are moments
   of life appearing with sudden memories out of the depths of one's mind. They keep
   forever, strong images with an extraordinary attentiveness to rich details, smells,  
   surroundings, the individuality of characters and events. In that sense, the stories
   are like prayers, which stop the ongoing business of living in 
order to keep the
   important experiences alive.  Gabler thus creates sensitive yet penetrating voices for  

                                                                                              ~ Eva Grunstein Neuman, Ph.D. 
                                                          Former co-editor Fiction, Verlag Volk Und Welt, Berlin

   "These are intimate narratives, finely hewn descriptions with psychological insight." 
                                                                                                                        ~ Barbara Soros
                                                                          Author, Grandmother's Song, Tenzin's Deer

   "Gabler knows the craft of writing and doesn't make mistakes. Her work is mature."
                                                                                                                    ~ Thad Rutkowski
                                                                                 Author, Roughhouse, Tetched, Haywire

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