Stories hard to forget...

                        Stories hard to forget

The following stories in Unexpected Return, some in different versions, have 

    appeared in or been accepted for publication by the journals below.

     "Vivienne's World," Rambunctious Review; "A Vast Number of Breakfasts," New

    Millennium Writings
; "If" (Part One of "Missing"), Sentinel Champions, UK; "Mary,"

The Sun; and "The Other Face" (previously entitled "Foreclosure"), New Millennium


      Several stories, some in previous versions, were award- or finalist winners
    in national and international story competitions: "Cold Remains," "If," "The

    Other Face," "Not-Sees," "Stalker," "A Vast Number of Breakfasts," "When"

    and "Vivienne's World."

      Other publications are "Inside a Moth," Young Miss magazine; "The Test,"
    Scholastic Scope magazine, Scope English Anthology Level Two, and various

    educational materials; Constructivist Methods for the Secondary Classroom:

    Engaged Minds
and Seven Constructivist Methods for the Secondary Classroom:

    A Handbook for Invisible Teaching
, co-authored education textbooks published

    by Allyn & Bacon Publishers, a Pearson imprint.

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