Stories hard to forget...

                        Stories hard to forget



                                      One Writer, Many Voices


An elderly woman confronts her husband
about his unnamed betrayal from years before. 

                                        On a winter night, a dying singer slips out
                                     of the hospital to give his wife 
an unsettling gift.                                          
                                        An antique violin reveals a family of  strangers.       

     These and other stories in
Unexpected Return tell the silent truths of everyday people. The ways we're bent by our past that's
stalking in the wings. The characters' trials go beyond themselves: a dilemma or crisis that could be yours or anyone else's, or something that you would never imagine but might come to understand.

It's fiction real as life.   

     These 28 short and very short stories are written in different flavors and voices. The results are traditional or contemporary stories. Raw reality or
nuance. Pathos, humor, mystery, suspense.

      They make good bedtime stories.

       The characters may linger after the light's turned off. They're waiting for you.


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