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Magic & Potatoes
Chapter book, ages 7 and up

  A young girl in the 1950's secretly tries to win a copper horse at a board-  
   walk game by the beach. She struggles with self confidence and family  

Excerpt from
Magic & Potatoes

          My dad owns a car repair shop in The Bronx and he works really hard.

   That's why he only comes on Sundays to Long Beach where Mom and I are

   staying with Grandma for the summer. Grandma's amazingly fat. Dad says

   she looks like rising dough and that makes my mother mad even though it's

   true. They fight and don't talk and I feel like a traitor if I hang out with one

   and not the other. Meanwhile, my grandma thinks I'm just a mouth she

   can stuff her cooking into. But the worst thing is, nobody knows important

   things about me. Like for example, I can sing for a whole hour on a swing in

   the park to make myself less lonesome. Or that dogs always come up and

   lick me like crazy and when I grow up I want to have a kennel named "Suzy's

  Dog Paradise" and save the lost and hungry dogs. 
Or that I like to read and

   have a box full of stories I've written. Mostly I feel like I'm behind thick glass

   because hardly anyone sees me.

         Except for Dad. He's real tall. When we're on the street or the boardwalk

   I have to look up at him and it's like this. First his long arm in a plaid sleeve,

   then his big shoulder then his face and wavy hair. When we say something

   he looks down at me and it seems like his eyes are the largest part of his

   face because they're dark like his hair. Then if he smiles his whole face is

   smiling. He's got small teeth and they're beautiful white. But mostly when

   we walk together, we don't say much.

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