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Laura Who?
YA Novel, ages 8-15

  An adopted teenage girl tries to find her birth mother against the wishes
     of her
parents. She sings with a friend in the subways to raise money
     for a
private detective who could track down her biological roots. Until a 
     stranger knocks at the door.

Excerpt from
Laura Who?

   I'm Jewish with an Irish face. It took me a while to figure it out and find

   the guts to confront my parents.

  I chose Sunday night when they'd be in a good mood. The Ed Sullivan show

   with Elvis Presley was over, and they'd turned off the TV. They talked in the

   living room awhile about 
what was the world coming to with rock and roll?

   was crazy about Elvis, but that didn't matter then. 
I waited until my parents
   sat quietly, my father smoking
his once-a-week cigar in his favorite chair, and

   my mother on the couch sewing her
needlework. I prayed the words would

   come out right.

  I tried my father. My mother might cry.


 No response. He didn't hear. Probably because my voice barely left my
   throat. I stepped closer and tried again.

 "Hey, Dad!" I shouted.

 He turned to me, startled. "Is something wrong, Honeybunch?"

 When he said his pet name for me--Honeybunch--my knees weakened. My

   father sat plump and cozy in his easy chair, enjoying his cigar, trying to relax

   before he stood beneath salamis the next morning.

 And what was I up to? Destroying the myth of thirteen years.

Laura Who? will be available soon. Please come back.

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