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Chapter book, ages 7-14

 A preteen boy is disabled in a wheelchair. He tries to fit in with his foster
   family  and the neighborhood teens before he moves to upstate New York
   where he'll meet and live with his adoptive parents.

Excerpt from

   Before Buddy came to live with us, I vowed not to look at his wheelchair. I'd

   rehearsed greetings like, "Hey, I'm Marissa. What's up?" or "It's cool you'll be

   living with us for a while," or just plain, "Hi, Bud!" But at fourteen, I dreaded the

   idea of being saddled with a twelve-year-old kid who was a paraplegic. And I

   didn't relish wheeling Buddy down the street and bumping into Luis.

   I was at school when Buddy arrived. Walking home through busy streets, I

   imagined the elevator skipping the fifth floor where I lived. But soon I faced

   my apartment door, drew a deep breath and turned the key.

  "It's about time you got home," Buddy quipped. His wheelchair glistened in
   the overhead light of our small foyer.

  After days of practicing, I couldn't think of anything to say.

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